DeeCane is the Best Bargain in the Illinois Basin

Contact DeeCane first to isolate your oil well problem and to save on service rig expense

You’re having a downhole problem. Is it paraffin, barium, gas, scale, grit or an equipment issue? 

DeeCane’s Downhole Service Center can diagnose pumping problems quickly and accurately to get your well back in business efficiently with minimal cost and maximum production. For a small service fee, we’ll isolate the issue to determine if a defective part is the culprit or if further analysis is required by a Dee Drilling service rig.

We’ll provide a cost-benefit estimate and provide options whether to repair, rebuild, or replace the part. Sometimes purchasing new equipment is the more cost effective solution.

“The best bargain in the Basin is our minimal diagnostic fee to analyze the problem and provide a cost-effective solution”.  J. Roy Dee

Contact DeeCane first for oilfield equipment, service, rentals, and supplies.

DeeCane offers full-service downhole services, equipment, and supplies

Pumps are the workhorses of oil production. If a pump is down, oil and cash do not flow. DeeCane has a top rated pump inventory stocked with new and refurbished pumps.

How do you size a downhole pump? DeeCane can help by asking a series of questions to analyze the situation and recommend the perfect pump. How big of a stroke is needed? What is the condition of the well? Our eight decades of being in the oil business has taught us what works and what doesn’t.

Here a just a few examples of parts and pumps before and after they were reconditioned in our Downhole Service Center:

Downhole pump before repairs
Downhole Pump after repairs

Our Downhole Service Center also provides cement float equipment, connections, and bridle repair.

In addition to our downhole equipment repair and rebuild service, DeeCane also maintains and inventories Buddy Boxes for our customers’ specific parts. This means having a convenient, centralized location for quick access to essential equipment.

If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you.

Contact Russ Brooks, for onsite oil well equipment service. 618.388.0122


DeeCane also offers compressed oxygen, nitrogen, and acetylene gas exchange for Mid East Tank cylinders.  We offer new 10 year leases or rental options for Mid East tanks.