Biggin’, DeeCane’s Master of Metal, Can Machine It!

DeeCane’s custom Machine Shop refabricates and rebuilds old parts into new

When an oilfield part wears out or breaks, we’re often asked, “Hey, can you make…?” Any metal part that can be milled, drilled, bent, cut, bored, or slotted, Biggin’ can make it!

With over 25 years of machining experience, Biggin’ (aka Devon Carwile) is the master of metal. His background in automotive, hydraulics, prototypes, tool making, and production prepared him for the precision and quality machining skill necessary to re-fabricate oil field parts and equipment.

Supported with modern machine shop tools such as two lathes (21” swing x 120” bed), a 15-ton press, and a 3-axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) vertical mil (table size 50” x 13” / 32’ x travel / 19” y travel / 22.5” z travel), if it’s metal, Biggin’ can machine it!

If you need re-manufactured parts for the oilfield, farm, mining, construction, or heavy equipment, contact the DeeCane Machine Shop in Mt. Carmel, Illinois, and ask, “Can you…?” Biggin’ can!

  • Stuffing Box Re-fabrication
  • Injection Pump Repair
  • Pumping Unit Parts
  • Boring & Sleeving
  • Valve Seat Repair
  • Re-threading
  • Fluid Ends
Biggin the metal master
The Master of Metal
Packing gland nut restoration
Wheatley 323 Packing Gland Nuts
Fluid injection pump repair and restoration
Fluid Injection Pumps

Fluid injection pump repair before
Fluid injection pump repair after

Contact Josh at the DeeCane Machine Shop, 618-262-7871, and ask, “Can you make…?” Biggin’ can!